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Carey Waters

Waters Healing HeArt

Corpus Christi, TX


My dream has always been to create a way that can I can be of service to people that would allow them to heal on many levels. One of the ways that I have found is with Healing Art. Healing Art is a means to relieve tension and get rid of stress by looking at special paintings. There is a lot of information in paintings that cannot be expressed by words and that kind of information is considered to influence one's state of mind.

My healing art was inspired by a request from my daughter Rachel who asked me to paint a flower for her hypno-birthing class. The painting was used as a focus point in her meditation. From there it took off with friends asking for inspired pieces for themselves and for gifts. They mentioned they could feel sensations flowing to them from the art. By displaying the vibrant paintings in their work places and homes they have shared that the paintings are healing , uplifting ,inspiring and help them feel more relaxed.

~ Paintings can be like medicine for the mind.~

When people have a piece of art specifically inspired just for them, they are able to enter the “Place of Allowing.” The art of allowing helps them to let go and go within; release resistance and to experience stillness in the present moment. It can assist them to be in a place in their heart where they feel gratitude and appreciation. Being in that stillness and being only in the present raises their potential to heal on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

The Healing infused Art opens the door to allow healing frequency to shift and expand your awareness, it becomes a healing meditation while gazing into the art and focusing on breathing for 15 minutes. Stillness is healing.......

~Carey Waters~

Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner
Certified Practitioner Akashic Record Reader
& student of Ho'oponopono



Eden's Rose by Carey Waters


In the Stillness by Carey Waters


Soul Sisters by Carey Waters


Fire Dancer by Carey Waters


Love in the Wind by Carey Waters


Awakening by Carey Waters


Three Sisters by Carey Waters


Meet and Greet by Carey Waters


I'm Still Standing by Carey Waters


Heart Song by Carey Waters


Live in Love and fearlessness by Carey Waters


Angel Feathers by Carey Waters


Sending Love by Carey Waters


Ray of Sunlight Marigold by Carey Waters


Grand Opening by Carey Waters


Breaking Through Illusion by Carey Waters


Orange Lilly of Abundant Wealth by Carey Waters


Midnight Poinsettia by Carey Waters


Rainbow Effect by Carey Waters